GRE Self Study Resources

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Quant Study Resources

Foundations Study

If you scored below a 153 in the quant section of a realistic, timed practice exam, complete the drills in the Foundations of GMAT Math Book

This may take 2 to 6 weeks of your time, so please do not put this off!

For additional study resources to supplement the book above, please see the links we have compiled to to free Khan Academy online resources for foundational math study here.

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Further Study

Once the foundations material is complete, we recommend the Official Guide to the GRE as well as the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Guides produced by ETS.

Verbal Study Suggestions


There is a lot of material to cover in order to master the GRE. To maximize your score, you should plan to learn 500-1000 new words from the following sources.

A. App: Students definitely prefer Memrise (one of the websites below) and the free app that they offer.  You can find it in the app store or follow the links below on your phone/tablet:

Click here for iOS                                                   Click here for Android

Within the app, look under test prep material to find the appropriate word lists.

B. Podcast

C. Websites for online study:



D. Additional Sources                               additional context, etymology and examples of use        best source for etymology                   Super-nerdy, in-depth information on a single word, once daily as part of one of                                                     the oldest continually operated listservs out there:

E. The Best Way to Study Vocab on Flashcards according to Science (we teach a modified version of this in our courses)


Reading Comprehension

The GRE also tests your ability to read and comprehend dense, technical passages. One of the best ways to practice this before beginning your actual study is to read dense, technical passages! Material specific to the GRE is the best, but if you don't have access to that, here are some links to free sources of relevant material. If you struggle to understand these, you can get started with some daily practice:


Interested in studying with us?  Learn more about all of your prep options here on our GRE page.

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