Fundamental Math Resources

Below are links, primarily to Khan Academy, for good resources to cover the mathematical concepts that form the basis of the GMAT and GRE.  Learning these is not enough to master the exams, but it is a very important first step and will help you be in the best position for self-study or one of our courses.

Beside the links we have included the corresponding chapters in Manhattan's Foundations of GMAT Math Fifth Edition Book (FGM). This is the best book that Manhattan makes and is an excellent companion to the links below.

Pre-Algebra (FGM Chapter 2-5)

  1. Divisibility, Prime Factorization, Least-Common-Multiple, Greatest-Common-Multiple (FGM Chapter 2)

  2. Fractions (FGM Chapter 4)

  3. Decimals (FGM Chapter 5)

  4. Ratios, Percents and Rates (FGM Chapter 5)

  5. Exponents and Roots (FGM Chapter 3)


Algebra (FGM Chapters 6-8)

  1. Equations and Inequalities (FGM Chapter 6)

  2. Quadratic Equations (FGM Chapter 7)

  3. Absolute Value (FGM Chapter 8)

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