GMAT Verbal Course

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GMAT Verbal Course

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The only Bay Area course devoted exclusively to the Verbal section of the GMAT!  Find out why TestCrackers is the top-rated GMAT prep option on Yelp.


  • 15 hours of in-person Verbal instruction, broken into five 3-hour classes;

  • Access to plenty of office hours for homework help (see the full schedule here);

  • Patient, understanding, and non-judgmental approach;

  • Six realistic practice exams;

  • Videos of all verbal material–-in case you need to miss a class or review a concept a second time;

  • Verbal Manual and Workbook; 

  • Access to pre- & post-course study materials;

  • Access to hundreds of practice problems;

  • In depth strategies for and out-of-class instructor review of the AWA argument essay.

  • A convenient location with free, easy parking: in South Berkeley at 3284 Adeline St, a short walk from the Ashby BART, or in Santa Clara at 1543 Lafayette St, around the corner from Santa Clara University.

For more information, call Yuri at 415-323-5728 or e-mail