We are hiring for Santa Clara, SF, or Berkeley!


We make quality instruction our highest priority and recognize that our teachers are the key to everything we do. We have found a way to make viable, fun and rewarding careers out of teaching test prep, and are excited to bring other dedicated teachers on board to reach more students, while maintaining the ethical standards that allow us to feel proud of what we do.

We are looking for a teacher who will put students first, connect with people at all ability levels, and be interested in working with motivated students. The current position is for someone who can teach GMAT/GRE classes in Berkeley, San Francisco, and/or Santa Clara, and preferably someone who can also tutor the GMAT in San Francisco.

We can offer you our full support and compensation that is unparalleled in this industry.

Please go to our website (testcrackers.org) and read what our former students have to say about us, and if you’d like to join our team, we’d love to hear from you!


Required Qualifications:

Score Qualifying:

For the Verbal (English) Instructor Position: 99th percentile score (45 or above) on the GMAT Verbal Section or a 169+ GRE Verbal score and the ability to reach the 99th percentile in the GMAT Verbal before starting a position with us.

For the Quant + Verbal (English) Instructor Position: 99th percentile score (760 or above) on the GMAT (or a 740+ and demonstration of ability and willingness to get there before an offer of employment) or a 334+ combined GRE score and ability to reach the 99th percentile in the GMAT before starting a position with us.

Other requirements:

  • A minimum of 1 year experience teaching or tutoring (more preferred);

  • An empathic approach and ability to read, connect with and engage diverse students of all abilities;

  • Availability to work in San Francisco, Berkeley, or Santa Clara on weeknights and weekends; and

  • An understanding of and commitment to the Socratic method.

Work life:

You can expect to teach an average of two 3-hour classes per week, which will generally include one on Saturdays and one on weeknights. We have three offices, in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Santa Clara, so we can be flexible with the location of your classes. The number of tutoring hours/week will depend on demand. Currently the highest demand for tutoring is in San Francisco on weeknights and weekends. You’ll also be compensated for training, preparation, teacher collaboration meetings, and follow up with students outside of lessons. Extensive training will take place in our Berkeley office.

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