GMAT Verbal Video Course:

Class One:

This class introduces the course, Sentence Correction (SC) and Critical Reason (CR).  It covers two SC topics: Subject Verb Agreement and Pronouns.  For CR, it introduces CBPA, describes common assumption patterns, and then covers strategies for Assumption Problems (including the negation test).

Class Two:

This class continues CR with Strengthen and Weaken problems.   In SC it covers Parallelism/Comparisons and Verb Tense.

Class Three:

This class continues CR with Inference and Resolve/Explain problems. It introduces Reading Comprehension (RC) and addresses some sample passages.  Finally, it covers Test Taking Strategies.

Class Four:

This class completes the final to SC topics with Misplaced Modifiers and Idioms. It covers the remaining CR topics: Flaw, Role, Evaluate the Argument, and Reasoning.  

Class Five:

This class offers a mixed review of topics covered earlier in the course.  It introduces strategies for the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA Essay) portion of the test.  It also addressed an overall strategy for personal statements and positioning yourself for admissions to business school.